*Little Sunny Bite*What was your childhood like?
I was always drawn to ‘kawaii’, the sweet, the pretty, the lovely things in life.
This love for them has not changed as time passed.
I hope you may be able to listen to my heart,
and simply accept and take into your hands the things that draw to you.
Your ‘kawaii’ is right here, ready to be found.Little Sunny Bite stars form 2014 SS collection with many artists from overseas .
I think I started and collaborate with the artist, and if i can deliver the cute like” Little Sunny Bite”to you.



designer / Creative Director / PR

Settling her PR career for Los Angeles based brand in 2013,she launched her own brand “Little Sunny Bite” starting S/S14 as the main designer.
Adding to her multi talented skills,

She will continue to explore for something “cute” today.